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Non-performers have tons of great ways to be active and proactive in theatre.


I'm currently a one man operation, handling all of the songwriting (and playing every track on the recordings), all of the book writing, and even things like building this website. I work full time helping other creators make music, and I'm also a music director in a high school theatre program. I'd love to take the leap into being a full time creator/writer/director, but that means I'd need to fund the show, and myself, without my full time gig. It's a tall task, but here's what I've got planned:

Donate to the First Performance!

See The Light will make its full production debut in the spring of 2024! We're defying the laws of theatre; skipping workshops, staged readings, and previews. As the group that revitalized my interest in telling the story, I'm thrilled to announce the Raynwater Players will be the first company to perform the show! Please consider donating as we prepare to bring See The Light to the stage!

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Tube Lights

The $20k Song Project

This idea stretches my creativity, and gives you something completely unique in the process. I'd like to raise $20k in funds by writing and recording up to 100 songs over the next two years. Priced at $200 for individuals and $500 for businesses, I'll write music for your lyrics, original music and lyrics based on your ideas, or craft something from scratch, just for you. Give me a shout at for more details!

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