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The Story


A graduating Senior class. The Juniors taking over the school. Their families, friends, and people in town.


The coming of age story from all angles. Using rock songs to directly confront tragedy and triumph, the characters are like any of us; learning to cope with feelings of guilt, grief, and depression, but also sharing in moments of joy and positivity.


Picture this: a land without cell phones. The story doesn't have a specific location, though our suburban Anytown, USA is home to Oak Hill High School.


Without a specific year in mind, it's modern enough to feel current, even if some of the music is stuck in the mid 2000's.


See The Light begins on the last day of school for the senior class of Oak Hill High. The juniors are anxious to stake their claim and the seniors want to get out, but there's a lot of growing to do before they get there. 


Things come to a screeching halt when one student's mom doesn't make it to her graduation. Willow embarks on a dark journey, wondering "Was It Me?" and "Who am I Without You?", all while her friends are working out issues of their own. The voices in her head push her to the edge, and Willow turns to a coping mechanism that nearly takes her out.


Upon waking up in the hospital, her aunt promises she'll be safe, but her doctor has other plans. After another brush with darkness, Willow returns home and finds a sense of clarity while looking in the mirror. The same can't be said for Willow's friend Tyler, however, who for the first time will have more questions than answers. Through their shared grief, a new revelation makes their bond stronger than ever.

In this story, seeing the light means more than the moments before death. It is a sense of understanding and resolve beyond the journey to the great unknown. From the highest peak to the hardest fall, will you See The Light?

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